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Your Guide To Estate Planning

The Law Office of Angi Haen helps individuals and couples prepare for the unexpected and protect their loved ones from future financial storms. A strong estate plan includes a variety of estate planning documents, including a will, a power of attorney, an advance health care directive, and possibly a revocable or irrevocable trust.

Considering your final wishes can be difficult. It’s emotional, time consuming and much too easy to put off. I will help you complete this important task. It’s a bit easier if you think of an Estate Plan like a gift you leave for those you love. Call me to set up an appointment.

I will work with you to design a solid and comprehensive estate plan. I will guide you through your options so that your heirs will understand your last wishes concerning the transfer of your property a will and, possibly, other estate planning tools. I will help you create and implement health care directives and power of attorneys to ensure someone you trust makes important decision for you in the event of incapacitation.

Estate Planning terms:

Advanced Health Care Directive: An Advanced Health Care Directive allows you to make health care choices in advance of an incapacitating illness. This document can state specific treatment that you do want to have or do not want to have under certain circumstances. This document can also appoint a specific person to represent your health care decisions if you cannot make these decisions yourself.

Avoid Probate Costs: You will occasionally hear the advice that you should set up your estate in a way that “avoids probate costs.” This short phrase means that you set up your estate to minimize or eliminate the fees, expenses and time relating to probate. Most probate costs vary depending on Estate. Costs might include hiring a professional, such as a real estate appraiser. The costs also include the probate court fee, which calculated based on the value of the estate. For example, in Connecticut in 2022 an estate valued at $10,000 would pay around $150.00. During your consultation with the Law Office of Angi Haen, we will discuss whether such planning will benefit your heirs and beneficiaries.

Durable Power of Attorney: A Durable Power of Attorney is a declaration granting authority to another person, who is referred to as your agent, to handle your business and financial matters.

Trust: A Trust is a document that arranges for a person (called a trustee) manages money or other property for the good of a beneficiary. An Irrevocable Trust is a type of Trust where the originator (called the Grantor) cannot make changes to the Trust terms after its creation.. In a Revocable Trust the Grantor can make changes after it’s created. (For more on Trusts, go to the Trust Page)

Will: A Will is a written declaration of your wishes regarding the distribution of your property after your death.